14 July 2019

Yoga asana, philosophy talk, guided meditation and kirtan.

Feed your soul with a day in the presence of a true modern-day Holy man. Swami Govindananda offers talks, workshops and retreats around the world and is widely known for his depth of knowledge, his gentle, humorous nature and his ability to inspire in others the quest for genuine spiritual living.

This special day is a MUST ATTEND, especially if you’re searching for the ‘missing link’ in your daily yoga practice.

Where : Beyond Being Yoga – 32 Townshend Rd, Subiaco, Western Australia 6008

Time : 11am – 4pm

Tickets : $99 Book your place HERE

Retreat Delights Include:

Yoga Asana with Laura Carroll – Start the day with a soulful vinyasa yoga practice to awaken energy and awareness as preparation for receiving the profound wisdom teachings from Swami Govindananda.

Yoga Philosophy Talk with Swamiji:
The three great illusions – How and why they affect your life
The outstanding Yogis and Sages of this Age have expressed that human life is governed by three great illusions that profoundly affect our understanding of self and the world around us. They advise, that if these profound illusions can be overcome, the full potential and wonder of human life becomes known.
In this most exhilarating and inspiring talk, Swami Govindananda will show you just what these illusions are, and what you can do to overcome them. This will be a golden moment to be shared.

Guided Meditation with Kirtan:
Your Mind is Your World – Three powers that shape how you think and feel

It’s hard to understand your inner world of thoughts and feelings, yet they determine your life experiences both in the present and in the future. In this meditative session, Swami Govindananda will explain the makeup of your mind by giving insight into three powers that shape the quality of your thoughts, how you feel about yourself, and how you relate to others. By understanding the nature of these qualities you can positively influence the outcome of your personal destiny to a healthier, more satisfying life.

The unique style of Swamiji’s meditation is to be experienced. He infuses the session with wisdom, quietly spoken and carefully guiding you to deeper understanding of what it is that makes you essentially who you are.
*The meditation will also include soothing, soul-stirring kirtan. Kirtan is a joyful, soulful meditation that uses traditional Indian instruments and devotional voice to create a pure sound that goes straight to the heart.

Refreshments and Light Lunch:
Stay nourished and alert with a delicious light vegetarian lunch and refreshments served throughout the day.

Take time out to feed your body, mind, and soul.