1-8 June 2019

The standout benefit of participating in a retreat with Swami Govindananda is getting to spend time with him in person. His is the road less travelled and along the way he has learned extraordinary knowledge and a meditation practice that touches to the very core of our being. He lived with one of India’s most acclaimed Spiritual Masters for a number of years, sometimes in the foothills of the Himalayas and at others on the plains of India in Uttar Pradesh. He became the first ever caucasian to be personally trained by this great Guru. His story, his knowledge, and his immense experience is enthralling. Being with him in retreat enables you to experience the depth and beauty of what he has learned firsthand.

The heart of your retreat experience, will be profound, enlightening talks by Swamiji that answer many of life’s questions, accompanied by guided meditation sessions. You will have valuable time to refresh, rejuvenate, and to reflect, well away from the demands of your normal daily living.

MUSSOORIE, INDIA: 1-8 June 2019

7 Day India Retreat with Swami Govindananda
Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, India, in a hill station called Mussoorie.

Starts: Dehradun, India on Saturday 1 June 2019.
The adventure begins when we you up to the mountains from Dehradun airport, to the land of spiritual energy and an incredible atmosphere that is synonymous for meditation and learning from the great masters and teachers.

A solid 5 days of morning meditation, walks, yoga philosophy talks and interactive sessions, kirtan meditation, and going deeper in your practice of YOGA.
All guided by Swami Govindananda (Swamiji), and assisted by Carmen.

Finishes: Mussoorie, India on Saturday 8 June 2019 at 12noon.
A rare and wonderful opportunity awaits.

Price: A$1400
Accommodation and all meals and 6 hours per day of Yoga philosophy, meditation, walks, interactive sessions, and yoga. *Flights not included.
*Transfer from Mussoorie to Dehradun airport on Saturday 8 June not included.
We can assist with organising this for you.

Venue : Radha Kunj
Radha Kunj is a beautiful ashram located in the mountains, a location with magnificent views, incredible spiritual ambience and where daily devotion and sadhana takes place at this time of year.
It is here that you will experience a ‘taste of satsang’, as well as enjoy your meals, morning yoga, listen to Swamiji’s daily talks and meditation.
Radha Kunj is located on Camels Back Road, Mussoorie.

The location of Mussoorie is distanced about 30 kms away from Dehradun. Situated in the foot hills of the mountain range, it is just one of the most popular tourist locations of Uttrakhand. In addition to its own charm, the picturesque sights of the Shiwalik ranges and the Doon valley are significant visitor attractions in Mussoorie.
Mussoorie, a land of sublime tranquility. Feel the peacefulness of immaculate valleys and also pay attention to the wind murmuring through the Deodar and evergreen. It is a location unlike any other, a place of understated elegance.

What to Expect : Swamiji spent many years in the 1980s here with his Guru, learning the profound wisdom of yoga philosophy, meditation, having his Guru’s association, and being in this most magical of environments. When the plains of India are baking with heat in the summer, the foothills of the Himalayas are cool, calming, and a place of stepping up from the world and into an altitude of purity on all levels.

  • It is here where you will experience some of the altitude of purity of your mind, body, and soul.
  • Mornings will start with silent walks, meditation, yoga and breakfast.
  • Rest and reflection time.
  • Yoga philosophy classes daily.
  • Q&A round table discussions at ‘cafe coffee day’.
  • A taste of ashram kirtan sadhana sessions.
  • Healthy vegetarian food.
  • Opportunity for private sessions with Swamiji.
  • An overall lifetime experience with a senior Swami in an exotic location! 

Limited Numbers. By application only.

All in all, by combing the elements of thinking well, eating well, and moving well, you are in for an amazing experience! Register your interest today!