MELBOURNE yoga philosophy + meditation workshop
11 May 2019

A 3 hour Yoga Philosophy and Meditation workshop @ Australian Yoga Academy.

How many times have you thrown up your hands in frustration thinking, “It’s not fair! Why is this happening to me?” Yet, at other times, life seems like a summer breeze with everything smoothly clicking into place … Experiencing all this, we are compelled to question whether life has any rhyme or reason governing it. Is it just chance? Or is there a deeper purpose?

Join Swami Govindananda for a three hour workshop where he will dive deep into these questions. It will be in two parts, building steadily to a clear understanding of the ebb and flow of life, and your part in it.

Part 1
Rotating in the Wheel of Birth and DeathIn the Gita it explains that just as night follows day and day follows night. Similarly, birth and death continuously follow each other. Why does this happen? How does it happen? Do we need to even know about this?

Swami Govindananda, quoting from the great Yogis and Sages, explains that not only should you know, but that it is imperative to know because your wellbeing depends on it. As part of the discussion to bring clarity to the subject, Swamiji will talk about sanchit, prarabdh and kriyaman karma.

Part 2
Arjuna’s Dilemma: Be Active Yet Do nothing
Surrendering the ego

This talk explains the meaning of self-surrender. In a wonderful story, you will learn of the great Warrior Arjuna who, just before a battle is about to begin, loses heart and refuses to fight. The teachings he receives from his Lord and Master in response, will both surprise and enlighten you, because they go right to the heart of the various types of actions showing where they will lead you in this life and after death.

Swami Govindananda will present the essence of the Gita with such clarity that it will leave an indelible impression on you, causing you to pause, re-evaluate your life, and assess where it is heading.

Date: Saturday 11 May
Time: 12:30 – 3:30pm
Investment: $77


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