LIVE ONLINE STREAMING Talk + Meditation Adelaide
18 July 2020

Spend an afternoon with Swamiji Govindananda at Roaming Zen –

Live Streaming Online via ZOOM.
Co-Hosted with Jeni, owner/director of Roaming Zen

About this Event

The Coronavirus has dramatically changed everyone’s lifestyle, creating widespread stress, confusion, and uncertainty. Jeni from Roaming Zen sees the need in the community for wisdom and keeping balance, perspective, and wellbeing … and has opened her community to connect with Swamiji by offering these online live streaming events.
If you are struggling, or have time to learn, practice, and would like help to gain fresh perspectives and positivity, time spent listening to Swamiji could be just what you need.


Many people feel a sense of incompleteness.They seemingly are doing all the right things; eating well, exercising, relating to family and friends as best as they know how, yet life continues to challenge and confound them. What is missing?According to the Vedas, all feelings of stress, misery, loneliness, frustration, anger, jealousy, greed, etc., stem from being a stranger to your true self.

To nurture the life force within means to understand the importance of the energy within the body known as the soul (or atma in Sanskrit) and its needs. With this new-found wisdom comes clarity, leading to wellbeing and purposeful direction. It is the beginning of understanding essentially who you are.

This ancient knowledge will empower you to successfully navigate your way through life, deepening your appreciation of the life force within you.

Session includes a talk and meditation by Swamiji, and finishes with a soul-stirring kirtan led by Carmen (Swamiji’s assistant).

A wonderful opportunity to tap into the timeless wisdom of yoga philosophy, of the Vedas, and the depth and important of meditation in our daily life.

Registration in advance HERE.

Saturday May 23 at 3pm Adelaide time in other time zones is :
3:30pm Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra
1:30pm Perth / Singapore / Hong Kong
5:30pm New Zealand

Attendance is by DONATION $20 to Swamiji to support the Bhakti Meditation Centre Ltd, an Australian registered charity.
Donation page HERE or contact us in the register your interest form or contact Jeni/Roaming Zen for bank details for direct deposit donation. Your support is so greatly appreciated.

Your support is greatly appreciated.