9-16 October 2021

VRINDAVAN + MANGARH : 9-16 October 2021

7 Day Retreat in Northern India with Swami Govindananda
Yoga Philosophy and Meditation

2 days in Vrindavan – the holy land of temples and spirituality; experiencing ‘india’ and visiting/staying at the majestic Prem Mandir temple, 10 years to build, using pure white Italian Carrera marble, entirely hand carved temple.

5 days in Mangarh – the remote village and birthplace of the 5th Jagadguru in Indian history, the headquarters for Bhakti Yoga and a land steeped in devotion and love.

  • Daily philosophy talks by Swami Govindananda
  • Daily walks
  • Meditation – silent, wisdom infused, and kirtan meditation
  • nourishing vegetarian meals
  • school charity project visit
  • hospital charity visit
  • yoga
  • experience a taste of ashram living


Early Bird Price: AUD$2100 (until Aug 1)
Full Price: AUD$2450
All inclusive (*domestic flight not included).

Register your interest by contacting us on the details to the right.

The standout benefit of participating in a retreat with Swami Govindananda is getting to spend time with him in person. His is the road less travelled and along the way he has learned extraordinary knowledge and a meditation practice that touches to the very core of our being. He lived with one of India’s most acclaimed Spiritual Masters for a number of years, sometimes in the foothills of the Himalayas and at others on the plains of India in Uttar Pradesh. He became the first ever caucasian to be personally trained by this great Guru. His story, his knowledge, and his immense experience is enthralling. Being with him in retreat enables you to experience the depth and beauty of what he has learned firsthand.

At the heart of your retreat experience, will be profound, enlightening talks by Swamiji that answer many of life’s questions, accompanied by guided meditation sessions. You will have valuable time to refresh, rejuvenate, and to reflect, well away from the demands of your normal daily living.


INDIA RETREAT  with Swami Govindananda

MEET IN DELHI – afternoon/evening in Delhi airport or Delhi ashram. A time to settle, recover, meet and greet, welcome to India.

START IN VRINDAVAN – this is the place where historically, numerous Saints and Sages appeared and lived. It is steeped in the tradition of Karma and Bhakti Yoga, where every laneway is infused with devotional sentiments. It is also the sacred land where my Guru, Shri Maharaj Ji, established and built the wondrous, beautiful, Prem Mandir, the crown-jewel of all Vrindavan.

Day 1 : Rattle the drum in the first 2 days … experience the magic of India … the rickshaw rides, the tuk tuk, the holy men and women everywhere you turn, the incense, the temples, the temple bells, the loud speakers, the constant beep-beep of car horns; the unique smells and dusty air that gets in your nose, ears, and mouth … But amongst all this will be moments of serenity, the sounds of inner silence while you meditate within the majestic, white marble, hand carved temple of Prem Mandir … or where you meditate inside one of the world’s largest meditation domes and hear the acoustics of beautiful voice and enchanting kirtan music; where you hear the words of master teacher Swami Govindananda as they penetrate to your soul and bring clarity, and focus through contemplation of the important aspects of your life and purpose. A once in a life-time experience to challenge and enliven the senses, and awaken your essence of being.

Day 2 : Learn about seva and the path of Bhakti Yoga … meet some of the incredible selfless souls that dedicate their time and profession to helping those in need with hospital care and the life of living in an ashram. 
 Experience an early morning start with intimate meditation and private access to the Prem Mandir temple outside of opening hours… a new experience of peace and the power of the Divine in the atmosphere … sit amongst deeply devoted souls in a meditation session. Experience an ashram breakfast…followed by a coffee/chai at the local ‘cafe’. See the contrasts of India where East meets West, and where the noise and hectic energy meets the peace and tranquility of the ashram grounds in a space where Swamiji will speak on some of the principles of yoga philosophy and meditation.

TO MANGARH – the village land steeped in devotion and the headquarters of the world for Bhakti Yoga. The birthplace of the 5th Jagadguru in the last 5000 years, who taught Swami Govindananda directly in the 1980s.

Day 3 : A road trip travel adventure begins …
After departing Vrindavan by car; be taken back in time, to the serene countryside and village lifestyle … as you drive through beautiful farmland culture, sustenance living, and local northern Indian culture. The women in traditional bright coloured saris and clothing, carrying supplies on their heads, and men ploughing the land. You drive through the gates of ashram, entering beautifully clean and neatly kept grounds that are modern and well equipped. You may even be surprised to know there is a little shop that sells almost everything you might think of. You will be given a simple but clean room with a bathroom, to share with one other person, and a space to set up for the next few days here. It is at this most profound place, the place where the great Jagadguru was born, that your trip to India takes on another level.

DAY 4-7:
The land here is steeped in devotion and spirituality. The atmosphere is full of greatness, like stepping into a different time and space … with immense spiritual benefit and influence. This location is also where East meets West … in an almost futuristic large meditation ‘dome’ that can seat up to 10,000 people; a sacred space where we will lead you through yoga, walks, and fun activities. Plus the breathtaking Bhakti Mandir temple with hand carved art work incased in the walls, stairwells, and beautiful spiritual sculptures throughout…where daily morning sessions and an experience of Indian culture will come into play.

Here you will experience a deeper level of introspection, space to breath in the atmospheric rural air, and have the opportunity to take time out for yourself— as well as special moments to spend with Swamiji as he takes you through the village trail daily, telling philosophical stories for greater understanding of life and your divine essence of being and purpose. Daily philosophy and interactive sessions by Swamiji, along with meditation is where the knowledge will be assimilated and learnt.

There will also be a memorable trip to our school for girls located in nearby Kunda village, where you can see first hand how the charity projects we established and support, are put into practice on a higher level than you ever imagined. A morning tour to our charity hospital located just a 10min walk away from the Ashram will also be experienced, where again you will see and meet the selfless medical professionals who provide free service to the poor … Some of these medical professionals are part time, who travel here specifically for certain days of the week or month, and some who are full time … see the poorest of poor being looked after with utmost care and devotion. Modern, highly professional equipment and departments of naturopathy, yoga, homeopathy, allopathy, physiotherapy, and more … inspiring within you profound humbleness as you see this all first hand.

You will also be humbled and happy to know that the money you spend on this retreat cost will be going towards these most important and life changing charities.

This is a more than a meaningful trip, it is a life changing, impactful trip on many levels. There will be, as expected, times of a whirlwind feel or an unsure moment or two, or a feeling like it could be too much too quickly … but it is all in the care and support of Swamiji and Carmen who will be fully accessible through it all. There will be times for reflection, and fun times to laugh at life … to take this opportunity in a positive light for personal growth and change.

This 7 day retreat is where you not just say you have been to India,
you will say that you’ve been to your self and learned of your self, and it has made an impact on your entire body, mind, and soul.

Register today! Pre-requisite study is essential. +61410792489


Please Note : A 4 step process is a pre-requisite for attending this life changing retreat.
1. Go through all the 7 Steps to Self Understanding Talks online @
2. Organise a private online conversation with Carmen … for a meet/greet and questionnaire.
3. A daily meditation practice in alignment with Swamiji’s teaching for at least 3 months.
4. A private 30min session with Swamiji online or in person.