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18 - 25 July

Saturdays at 7:00-7:45am AEST

Inspiration Talk and Meditation with Swami Govindananda

Saturdays at 7:00-7:45am AEST (Sydney/Melbourne time zone) on July 18 + 25 + August 1

Join the ZOOM meeting link here:
This is the same link for each week.
Send us a message for the password and for registration.
7am AEST in other time zones is :
10pm London, UK
5am Perth / Singapore / Hong Kong
9am New Zealand 
2pm Los Angeles, CA (Fridays)
4pm Austin, TX  (Fridays)
5pm New York / Toronto (Fridays)

The Coronavirus has dramatically changed everyone’s lifestyle, creating widespread stress, confusion, and uncertainty. If you are struggling with all of this and would like help to gain fresh perspectives and positivity, time spent listening to Swamiji could be just what you need.

Be inspired by wisdom, yoga philosophy and meditation with Swamiji!

Each week will feature a new topic!

  • Beneath the Surface – the real depth & meaning of your life.
  • Clearing the mist from your mind.
  • Karma – a life of your own making.
  • Counting the sand on a beach – why vedic knowledge is important.

The session will start with an auspicious mantra sung by Swamiji, followed by inspiring wisdom and knowledge of the vedas of India. A beautiful, simple yet profound, kirtan chanting meditation will be led by Carmen. And the session will finish with a guided meditation spoken slowly by Swamiji.

Join live streaming with Swamiji to revitalise, rejuvenate and learn of the deeper aspects of your potential.

Swamiji helps you find spiritual perspective through his guided meditation and inspiration talk sessions.

A wonderful way to enrich your day!

All the work Swamiji does is only possible through the support and donations of others. If you feel moved and have gained benefit, please make a contribution to help support Swamiji. It is greatly appreciated. You can do so by going to the Charity page and clicking on the ‘DONATE’ button or HERE.
Suggested donation $10/week.

Keep Meditating. Keep Learning. Stay Connected.