16-20 September 2019

These unique meditation intensives with Swami Govindananda are only held twice a year in the beautiful location of Glenelg, Adelaide … a venue overlooking the ocean.

Upasana Meditation over 5 days : 5 mornings and 5 nights of yoga philosophy and meditation all focused on Upasana ( Bhakti Yoga). Each day has a theme and will build on step by step to give you a taste of the bliss of the soul, the connection with the supreme soul, and the practice of raganuga Bhakti Yoga, known as Upasana.

ADELAIDE, SA : 16-20 September 2019

5 days : 6:15-7:30am + 6-7:30pm

Morning meditations guided by Swamiji – this starts with silent deep breathing meditation; slowly deepening your mind as Swamiji speaks wisdom and guides you into the practice of Upasana Meditation.
The morning meditations are followed by a different fresh juice daily … green alkalising, orange detox, red circulating, yellow immunity, and green boost,

Evening meditations led by Swamiji – this starts with an inspirational talk on the key principles of meditation, the specialty of Upasana, and techniques to deepen your own practice … and learn Upasana Meditation for your home practice … as well as throughout the day in any situation. This also includes kirtan meditation.
The evening meditations are followed by a nourishing, vegetarian supper … warming and containing vedic principles for a healthy, balanced body and mind.

5 days of immersion awaits! Book your place now.

Total cost : AUD$175

*If you’re coming from interstate or overseas, we can recommend accommodation options and help with airport transfers … contact us for more details.