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21-23 Feb

21-23 February 2020

Profound Conversations and Meditations with Swami Govindananda @ Power Living Studios Sydney   Manly Studio : 6:30pm – 8:00pm Show me the Happiness!
 | Manly Beach Where is it?Historically, Saints and Sages have said that our experience of happiness is deceptive because an occurrence that brings you happiness today, can lead to sorrow the next, […]

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8 Feb

8 February 2020

BE PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY & SPIRITUALLY STRONGER WITH SWAMIJI Join Swamiji as he shares the ancient knowledge that will empower your to successfully navigate your way through life, deepening your appreciation of the life force within you. Beginning with a talk & meditation and finished with a soul-stirring kirtan led by Carmen. DATE: Saturday 8th Feb […]

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12 Jul

Workshops PERTH Workshop
12 July 2019

An evening with Swami Govindananda, the modern holy man. Located at Common Earth Studio – Guildford, Western Australia. Be physically, emotionally and spiritually stronger by feeding your soul. Many people feel a sense of incompleteness. They seemingly are doing all the right things; eating well, exercising, relating to family and friends as best as they […]

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29-30 Jun

Workshops SYDNEY Power Living workshops
29-30 June 2019

Swamiji is excited to be coming back to Power Living Sydney studios to present yoga philosophy and meditation workshops to the community! FREE for members and $20 for non-members. A great opportunity to learn from a man of great depth, experience, practice, and profound wisdom. Last time the studios were full … so make sure […]

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11 May

Workshops MELBOURNE yoga philosophy + meditation workshop
11 May 2019

A 3 hour Yoga Philosophy and Meditation workshop @ Australian Yoga Academy. How many times have you thrown up your hands in frustration thinking, “It’s not fair! Why is this happening to me?” Yet, at other times, life seems like a summer breeze with everything smoothly clicking into place … Experiencing all this, we are […]

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5 May

Workshops HOBART The Fourth Floor workshop
5 May 2019

Awaken to Your Higher Self WORKSHOP with Swami Govindananda @ The Fourth Floor Through yoga wisdom & meditation, over thousands of years, numerous Sages and Yogis of India have sought and realised their true self and have affirmed that human life holds supreme potential. They have left blueprints for us to realise this truth for […]

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8-12 April

8-12 April 2019

These unique meditation intensives with Swami Govindananda are only held twice a year in the beautiful location of Glenelg, Adelaide … a venue overlooking the ocean. Upasana Meditation over 5 days : 5 mornings and 5 nights of yoga philosophy and meditation all focused on Upasana ( Bhakti Yoga). Each day has a theme and […]

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