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  Two types of knowledge In this Saturday morning talk Swamiji explains that there are two areas of knowledge that we can potentially draw from to shape how our individual life plays out. One area is known as ‘apara dharma’ and the other as ‘para dharma’. One is a common, incomplete knowledge; and the other is […]

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Live Stream Self Awareness

In this meditation session Swamiji begins by quoting from three of the worlds greatest teachers to draw your attention to the importance of the mind. While asking you to sit with eyes closed, shoulders relaxed, practicing steady rhythmical breathing, he guides you through spoken wisdom to go deeper into the nature of the mind, showing […]

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Philosophy Yoga Philosophy Beyond the Mat Part 1

  “Yoga is blossoming throughout the world. In Sydney, Australia, for example, you will find there are numerous yoga centres in every suburb. It has become mainstream to have a healthy body and mind. This is a wonderful, wonderful thing. But what became evident to me, is that whilst they have an appreciation, to a […]

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Health Overcoming Depression Part #1

Carmen talks to Swamiji about how she saw a program while exercising at the local Gym discussing using anti-depressant drugs to help control negative emotions. She asks him what his thoughts are on this. Swamiji express that these drugs can help people initially to get over a crisis in order to settle them down, but […]

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Philosophy Knowledge with Swami Govindananda

This website has been established to incrementally give you a system of knowledge that you can slowly build on. How far do you want go? Just a short way? Ok fine, as you wish. Or, if you want to go deeper and deeper because you like what you are hearing, and are starting to practice […]

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